Empty North Shore Lefts. Fun surf with Pat & Alden

Friday morning we hit up north shore to look for some surf. We found one of our favorite spots breaking pretty nice with less than 4 guys out. It was good stuff, Alden took down a bomb set, I got a few goodies, and Pat dropped in on me twice (I have the video to prove it.) Fun day. Wish you were here.

Alden and Pat on the outside, letting a good one go. (Lot's of waves for everyone)

Alden and Pat
Alden + Pat
Alden going for the gusto.
he sorta made the drop, thats him in the white wash.
but then he took a bubble bath
Pat on top
I had to wear a t-shirt in the water because my back was sunburned and I didnt have my rash guard. It's kinda hard to surf in a cotton tee, it gets pretty heavy and weighs you down... add a camera in one hand and it's a workout, p90X.

Longboard old man catching one of the better waves of the day...

quick video... I follow pat.