Drive thru. North Shore

The other day me and Chris took a drive up to turtle bay to drop of wedding pictures. On the way back we figured we would stop somewhere and shoot some photos. Nothing special except for the quality time I got to spend with Chris.

"Baby Got Back"
'Peeper on peeper'
'Take Warning'
'Missing baby'
Get a room. Also, this lady has a sprained ankle... from too much PDA

Then I was taking pictures of waves, and none of them were nice. The winds were on shore, nobody was surfing. So instead of deleting the pictures instantly, I made them 100% worse by screwing with the colors and contrast in my 'iphoto' program. Now they are so bad, that they are worth looking at.

"Curious Porpoise"
Can you see how much money this guy is counting?!! how'd they make so much?
Pacsun 1985
96712 HI

"Baby got Back" (yeah, used it twice)