Car crash in front of my house.

Don't speed people!! don't be a complete asshole, driving dangerously fast is not as cool as you think. Some guy was driving like a 5th grader playing video games and crashed his car into my apartment complex. He also ruined 3 other cars in the process, yeah real cool.
Being a lookie-loo i went down to the street, I took some pictures, and hung out with the gossip starters in my hood.

this is where everyone says stuff like; "this guy is a maniac!... would if some kid was on the sidewalk!?"
The cop looked pissed off too.
notice his tattoo??... yeah, you should be praying dude.
two cars on the other side of the street he managed to tag before he came back over and crashed.
neighborhood watch. pajama attire required
she said: "you damn rascal"