Catchin up on random junk.

Ive had some random photos on my computer since mid december. Finally gonna blog 'em and delete 'em. Here, enjoy useless things;

Shane is back in town, visiting from Japan, which means Oli and Chad come over every night. Therefore every morning I wake up and see this in my living room. It's like I just adopted 3 more sons. I still have to occasionally change Chad's diapers.
Shane is dumb. He is the dummie. I found this book in his suitcase.
Bella got the Legos she wanted for Christmas. Turns out, Sam is the one that has to put everything together while Bella watches and waits for the final product. This is the Spongebob Pineapple in progress...

Bella brought home some Christmas cards from her 1st grade class. This one was from her "best friend", Brandon...
... I think he got nervous at the last minute and changed it from a "kiss" to a "hug"... I gotta keep my eye on this kid.

We went to Menchies. Bella was enjoying her Fro-yo on the car ride home. When we got to the house she said "Here Dad, you can have the rest if you want...". This is how much she gave me.

I moved my office outside.
I'm an idiot. I popped the popcorn on top of one of those plastic microwave trays. The kernels got so hot it melted the plastic. Not tasty.
These mannequin's are hot

I've been really addicted to those flavored Ice teas from Jack in the Box. Peach is my favorite, extra syrup. Liquid Candy
We went to go see the movie "Avatar". If you havent heard it from me already, you should go see this movie!! Go see it in Imax 3D, its an awesome experience. Worth it for sure.
We got in line 2 hours early... dork.

When the heck did gum get so expensive?!! I havent really paid attention, because I dont usually chew gum. But I bought a pack the other day, what the heck is this?!! what happened to the $0.25 pack of juicy fruit?!
This kid is not allowed to play in my house.

More art that I want, that I don't have room for.

Shoes I want.

end of blog.