Cameron's Wedding rehearsal

We got ready for Cameron's wedding. Hale Koa.

This is going to be awesome.

Sorry ladies, you can't have this anymore..
Jake, best man. Can't wait for the speech.
Cameron got lucky.

...make sure I remember where to stand.

invisible bouquets

we finished the rest of the rehearsal under cover, because of the rain. At least it rained now, and not at the wedding (hopefully)

After the rehearsal everyone migrated over to 'Rum Fire' in waikiki for a welcoming session. Cameron hosted about 80 out of town guests to some yummy food and a nice sunset.

Motz clan
Infinity pool

Cheers cameron.

party all night. Momma Motz was even inviting people up to her hotel room for beers and more party. Saucy!

Saturday is gonna be the big day. Can't wait.