New Years Day. Con't. Cameron's Wedding Eve.

Gosh, I dont know what to write, my brain is mush from uploading over 100 pictures for this post. Hmm. it takes about 2 minutes for every 5 pictures to upload, then it takes another 20 minutes to resize the photos via html hacking... I love Cameron so I guess it's worth it.
Anyway, I finally got around to it, exactly 13 days late. This is from New Years Day, the day before Camerons wedding. In the morning we all surfed Waikiki (see post below), then we hung out at the hotel, then ate dinner at the 'Coconut club' for the Wedding rehearsal (though I dont remember rehearsing anything). After that, the boys went out to Chinatown to enjoy Cameron's final 12 hours of "not a husband" life. It was a perfect day, the perfect reason to let loose and enjoy life with my friends.
I was trying to make this a short post, but when I looked at all the pictures I took that day, I loved all of them, so I uploaded all of 'em. I also realized I didnt change lenses all day, so I hope you like fisheye shots.
Thanks again to Cameron and Jacqueline for hosting an amazing weekend for all of us. This was the perfect way to start 2010.

We all stayed at the Hale Koa, since the wedding was there the next day. Cam wanted to make sure his groomsmen (especially Jake) wouldnt get lost or wander too far away before the important day.
The Rehearsal Dinner was in the Aston Waikiki hotel, penthouse 'Coconut Club'

Momma Motz with 50% of the groomsmen.
Dad Motz, greeting and welcoming.
I jumped on the other side of the railing so I could get this shot.
Open Bar. reason #1 why I probably had a radical time.
cute huh...
I started off with Mai Tai's. I dont normally drink Mai Tai's, but when the person in front of you in line gets one, then you notice the pretty colors, it's hard not to try one.

Get set for some killer sunseting
Cameron hooked his boys up with some deluxe personalized "pimp cups"... best gift ever.

I looked like this a lot.
Shane is wearing my hat, and my shirt.. so don't tell him he looks 'nice'. Tell me I have nice clothes instead.
Maid of honor and Jac
possibly round 3 ??

your honorable host
Getting married for the right reasons
great photo opportunities on the edge of waikiki.
Parents of the Groom.. still in love themselves.
awesome table manners
this is that way
Jac and her brides' maids
Motzess with the mostess
dinner is served.
more drinks

also, have you noticed every picture of Tyler has him lighting candles. Homeboy does good deeds.
sunset time

Sunset more

Alden ordered up a nice firework show for everyone. Nice guy

There's a full moon back there (not talking about butts)
Parents of the bride and groom. I think those are cameron's parents on the left... yeah, pretty sure.
I remember this fire engine... but i dont remember why it was important to take a picture of it.
I climbed back over the balcony...

Jake must of been getting too much use out of his Pimp Cup, he lost part of his name. Now he's "Take" ...
After dinner we went town to "Tiki's", but didnt go inside. we decided to hit up chinatown instead

Ready to go back out.
'All bus'... get it? .. there's a bus out the window.
I'm sure Jake wouldnt appreciate me posting this picture, yeah im pretty sure. but it's your fault for looking at it. Also, if there's a doctor out there, we wouldnt mind a diagnosis on this bad boy. Jakey jakey. Also, notice that jake has stuffed his socks with cans of beer, in hopes of saving like $6 out on the town.
and his nametag was on the back of his shirt all night.
Chinatown = Manifest = Brandon. Thank you Brandon, for not making us wait in that line.
First face I see in 'Manifest'. Kala, rageface on the way out.
Justin Park, as seen on TV.
No drinks yet face.
Derrick Jones!!! Contra has reunited... (I wish)
Best Drummer on drummer action you will find in Hawaii, right here.
Cameron is happy
Momoko. M.B. in dee house
MacGruber in dee house
Noa is in dee house. aaargh
Jake was practicing his Best Man speech into Oliver's voice recorder. Results = Jake is a terrible best man.
Alden Ice lives on
"Where you at?"

I wonder if our server thinks we are as funny as we think we are. Highly doubt it.

yeah, i bring this everywhere... "Fill 'er up please"
Dance machine
hmmm, look how happy cameron is when Derin shows up..

did I mention Oli's sweet aloha shirt?

yeah... it's what i looked like.
hahaha, jake trying to make the moves on Derin. (jake got shut down, how embarrassing)

"Oh, I so shame right now"

Robot dancing by himself. maybe he is a good 'Best Man'
time to leave. Oliver wanted to get involved in a street fight between some crack head homeless lady and her pimp.. Good citizen award.

Time to drop Cameron off at the Hotel. He needs a good night rest for the big day tomorrow.
The rest of us (not including Jake, he was cut-off for the rest of the night) went out for some late night grub. Going to be tired tomorrow.

yeah, hope that post was enjoyable for you.