Maui. Overdue. I was in Maui on December 21st, winter solstice, for a wedding in Hana. It was a great weekend trip, got to see my mom, got to do some sight seeing, slept in a van, and shot an amazing wedding.

This was ridiculous. This was the line to get your boarding pass at the Hawaiian Air gate. Every single person in this photo is in the same line. It took me 2 1/2 hours to get my electronic boarding pass. Only one employee working. serious. dumb. I missed my flight and had to catch the next flight on stand-by.
Finally got to my moms house...
The dogs were happy to see me.

The view from behind my mom's house.

switched lenses and let in about a cup full of dirt into my camera sensor.
purple leaf
Skatepark in Kahalui
good surf. bad wind
looked pretty good though
the rights off of the point
... and my journey to Hana continued. There's a sign like this on every turn for about 30 miles.

Bamboo reaching for the sun
hmmm. I'm sure there's a name for this place, but i dont know what it is. Its a bay along the road to Hana, it's got black sand, it's got bamboo, and it's got surf!!!
I looked at it for about 15 minutes. The waves looked so fun, no crowd, consistent, and interesting.
it's either a lucky tourist or a local bodyboarder.
this bay looks crazy
super LONG wave.... came all the way from the point into the shore. comparable to waiamea bay i guess... but one long wave, instead of an 'inside' and a separate 'outside'.

size was a little over head.

okay okay, so I drive a little more, take a couple more turns around some corners. I see this left breaking off of a different point. I watched this place for about 15 minutes, it was consistent the whole time. I'm pretty sure it was good. It was kinda hard to tell from so far away, but I would of loved to get in the water.

continuing on. waterfalls
an old retired Maui house.

I made it to Hana harbor at about 5:30. Now what?... I dont have anything to do until 6:00am the next morning.

sun is about to give up.

going, going, gone

seriously, watch your step.

Killing more time in Hana. Long exposure of the harbor.

Killing more time, I spent some time walking around some hotel lobby's. (I didnt sleep in a hotel, I slept in my van.)
Hana Hotel
My Hotel "room". I got paid for my travel expenses to get to maui for the wedding I was shooting, but I figured i'd save a few bucks and just camp it in my moms van. It was a tad bit scary.

The next morning, I shot the wedding at sunrise. It was awesome. I spent half of the rest of the day with the couple shooting photos, i'll blog about that later. After all the wedding photos, I drove out of Hana the back way (around haleakala) to get back home. The other scenic route.

Self portrait.
driving on a very narrow bridge. picture out my window down the cliff.
The cool thing about having no agenda. Pull over whenever you want, take a deep breathe, enjoy the view, love life. There's something pretty awesome about a 3 hour drive by yourself down the coast of Maui, no radio, no phone reception, you should try it.
I found a "Cow Pie"
the backside of Haleakala
Tinkerbell flew into my windshield. She's okay, I believed in her.

more driving. The road looks like this for about 20 miles. 20 mph at a time.
Pulled over again. Took a look around, had a seat, enjoyed.
took a nap.
in the grass.
self portrait shadow
skeleton tree
another self portrait
scary tree
Molokini (the banana island)
"Your address, here"

and another video. Hana

...and my final shot for you guys comes from the 'secret red sand beach.'
"Let it all hang out".