Sunday with shane continued. Ground Up 'Galley'

Another way overdue post. So yeah, Shane came back last week sunday. After we surfed (see post below), we spent the rest of the day hanging out jumping all over the place.
I was fortunate enough to be invited to the Ground Up Agency's new office welcoming party. It was cool. After that we stopped by Mai Tai bar to see Cameron. After that we met up some Ground Up people again at Karaoke. After that we went to the Yardhouse and saw Brandon. I think after that we fell asleep, I think.

"The Ground Up Galley"

Anton on mic

Sam said I shouldnt wear my 'flojos' out to the party. Lucky I didnt take her advice, because I looked cool.
...see, people liked it.
hey DJ

blurry + blinks. Also, Kiani finds another opportunity to tell me where the roof is.

parking lot for bikes
lens cap steve.

After that, we heard Cameron was at Mai Tai bar for a DJ battle. Cameron didnt enter, guess there was no room for "D.J. Unicorn". Me and Shane stopped by
DJ Unicorn
my flojos definitely looked cool at Mai Tai bar. Da Ha-y-n bruddahs was all so jealous.
my watch says Monday, but its Sunday... and it has googley eyeballs on it. thanks shane

alrighty, next stop. we met up some ground up people at a Karaoke bar. Parking on the street was by 'permit only'... so I quickly made a permit out of an envelope and put in on my mirror. 2 legit.
Anton back on mic.
Unfortunately they didnt have my song, "it's raining men" by the Weather Girls. oh well, next time

poo poo
Kiani's "pants" were ridiculous. (in a good way)

walked over to the Yardhouse. Saw Brandon working.
flojos still work.

called it a night.

also, hows this guy... park too close huh.