Weddings + Family (work)

I'm finally catching up on some overdue posts. I figured i'd put all my recent work into one post. December was a super fun month with wedding shoots. I shot some of my favorite couples of 2009 all in the span of 2 weeks. I also shot an absolutely beautiful family to start off 2010. Pictures;

Family shoot in Kailua. Thanks Cameron for the referral =). God, this family is gorgeous!

Beautiful and funny.

On December 21st (the winter solstice) I was very fortunate to be invited to shoot a wedding in Hana, Maui. The couple, Wes and Kate, traveled all the way from Alaska for there private sunrise ceremony. It was completely amazing! I usually don't shoot that many wide angle shots, but found myself shooting tons here, in such beautiful scenery it was hard not to. Here are some of my favorite candids from that day;

The day after I got back from Maui, I had an amazing shoot with some new friends. Shohta and Chika, all the way from Japan, took a tour with me around the south east corner of Oahu. These guys were so rad!! I've never been so comfortable with a couple, they didnt speak much english, and I don't speak any Japanese, but it still was incredibly friendly anyway. A couple I will definitely be keeping in touch with.

To finish my year off, I was booked on New Years Eve. Andrea and Eric, from L.A., have never been to Hawaii before, and they asked me to be there photographer for there Greek Wedding, and New Years Eve reception. Is it possible to have too much fun at a wedding while you are working?! Haha, that's what it felt like. Me and Chris hung out with these guys all day and night, stayed for the midnight fireworks, and took patron shots with these lovebirds. Awesome way to end the year.

Happy New Year (reception at Duke's resturaunt)

I also found some old wedding pictures from way back early 2009. I must of forgot to blog them. Some fun stuff though, better late than never.

up next... cameron's wedding.