Waikik Surf Session. New Years Day. Cam's wedding.

New Years Day, what a great day it was. January 1st was the day before Cameron and Jac's wedding. A great reason to get all the boys together and go surfing. Camerons' family and long distance friends were all in town for the big day, so everyone got together in Waikiki and rented some tanker longboards and hit the waves.
I'm being completely honest when I say this was one of the funnest surf sessions i've ever had. It proved that you dont need huge, perfect, empty waves to have a great surf session. I had an amazing time on a 10 foot tourist longboard, surfing 1 foot waves, with my best friends. ~"The best surfer in the water is the one having the most fun".

Man what a fun day, thanks to Cam and all his friends/ family for the great memories.

I made sure I wore my proper Waikiki attire. Short Shorts, hairy chest... check.
Umbrella's, bikinis, 1,000 people... yup, i'm in the right spot.
Jake picking out his gun.
The Bachelor in his last 24hours. Cameron doesnt normally look this "Kooky" (well maybe a little), but he had to make sure he didnt get sunburned before his wedding day. Homeboy would of looked like a volcano taco.
How many friends have you had for longer than 20 years?... I've got a few here.

Shane and Jake, I dunno.. fighting for wave priority. "Waikiki Masters"
Jake proving that he could beat up a girl. I think shane caught a wave in the background.. I dunno, it was hard to tell the difference between waves and people splashing.
Da Diamond Head

Long Distance Motz

Shane picking up another big wave. I'd say, measuring from the back, that's a tidal wave.

Jake. Huge one

blurry cam cam.
Love was in the air, and in the water...
... see.
Chelsea, last wave in.

I put some video together.