Backyard BBQ.

Yesterday, with little notice, the friends got together for some BBQ in our backyard. We had too much food, enough beer, perfect amount of friends (but room for more), played board games, and enjoyed having awesome neighbors.
Mike slaved over the charcoal, preparing delicious cows and chickens.

"these beans are terrible"-Cameron, in reference to Sam's "broke da mouth" edamame beans.
Noah. Too damn cute.

Talon brought over a new board game, "I love the 80's". It's a pretty fun game, but harder than expected.... unless of course your favorite t.v. show was "Dallas"

Oliver trying to get me to guess "Wine cooler"
Time to eat. Also, whats good is a 1/2 pound cheeseburger dressed with BBQ sauce and French onion dip.... Love it.

After the sun went down, we packed everything up and moved the party upstairs into our living room. Played Cranium, Taboo, and 'Left, right, center".
Erin is an incredible douche bag for winning our quarters at the game 'Left, right, center" 3 times in a row.
Taboo showdown.