GOLF. (I'm better than Jake)

First, I am better than jakob at golf. Well, the Sony Open is coming to Hawaii, so I figured I would put some practice time in. Since Tiger isnt in the tournament, I think I have a pretty good chance. After me and Jake surfed in the morning, we met up with his mom and dad at 'west loch' golf course for a quick 9 hole round. I seriously only golf once a year, usually when my dad comes to visit, so it was pretty interesting playing again. I thought I did pretty good, +12 over par over the 9 holes. Jake did worse, his parents love me a little more than him now. Here's some pics from the afternoon;

I dont own golf shoes. But I own short shorts, so i'm okay.
Jakes mom, him, and dad the sand

Jake missed the beach this much. LOVES the sand, he does.

Jake spent a lot of time looking for his balls. See, I can talk a lot of shit because jake doesnt have a rebuttal blog.
father / son
... followed by mom

One-eyed willy

oh, I use 'range' balls. Because I will lose the expensive balls. It's fun to say balls.

West Loch has a natural septic tank next to the course. I think they are trying to breed a new type of frogasaurus.