01022010. Cam + Jac's Wedding Day. LOVE

Hi there people who maybe havent seen all of these photos on camerons' facebook already. I'm late, I know. Well this is it, the big post. Cameron and Jacqueline got married on January 2nd 2010, or if you wanted to put it in palindrome form, 01022010 (it's the same if you read it backwards or forward.)
I dont know what else I can really say about them, if you know them then you know how awesome they are together. I was completely honored to be a groomsman for Cameron. I wasnt the real wedding photographer, thankfully, I got enjoy my night with friends, my wife, free alcohol, and terrible dancing. Though I did manage to carry my camera around and shoot a crap load of pictures while I was enjoying the wedding. Sam took some good pictures of the actual ceremony while I was standing up there trying to hold back my tears (I actually let a few loose.)
Everyone was having an amazing time, it was gorgeous, awesome people were in attendance, good food, bottomless drinks, bottomless groomsmen, and Cameron and Jac looked stunning.
Enjoy the pictures. Thanks again Cam and Jac for raising the bar on awesome weddings, it's gonna be tough to have this much fun again.

I woke up at 6:30 am (not on purpose) and took a peek outside on the balcony. The sun was rising, the rest of waikiki was still asleep. It was becoming the amazing day that it was suppose to be.
first up, time to wake up the boys. "It's Wedding time!!"
Cameron got the groomsmen some killer shirts from 'Tommy Bahama's'
Jake was still working on his 'best man' speech. Well, I shouldnt say 'still working'... I should say, 'just starting'.
Ordered some pizza to sooth our alcohol filled tummies.
Cam got us all some new classic Vans. Love 'em.
Cam getting detailed.

"you can do this big boy"...

Best man duties: check the make-up

I was allowed to take pictures of myself with the groomsmen for once.
Wrinkle's are not cool I guess.
Cameron loading up some last minute memories...
"Spearmint Rhino"... Bachelor party memories.
... we were almost late to the ceremony..
more Best Man duties: polish off the groom
final handsome touch

"We ready boys?.."
Hale Koa, Luau gardens
i dunno what's wrong with my face.

Jacqueline looked absolutely STUNNING!! ... soooo good, did I mention I cried a little??

sealed with a kiss

legally married now
ceremony over, reception begins. Free alcohol. "Let's do this."
c.d. gifts for everyone... (I took the pictures for these) =)
guest who traveled the furthest. Hiroshi Japanzilla

head table



I dont know what this was.. was it made out of soap?? I dunno, it was nice though.
They rented a photobooth too, which was awesome. You can see all the photos from the wedding here:
I managed to get a peek in at the newlyweds.

Groom and Groomsmen shot.
Mingle mingle, no longer single.

Jake STILL working on his best man speech, now he's practicing it with Sam.

Jake making some super last minute changes... crumpled paper, chicken scratch.. this should be good.
.. but he did well, with the help of 2 last minute vodka shots.
raise your glass
Time to cut the cake.
time to toss the garter.
...along with 100 single dollar bills... playah.

Nice catch Tyler.
First dance
more lovebirds.

cr-egg goes bowling.
happy husband, happy wife
my wife, looking hot.

Jake trying his luck with Cameron, since Derin turned him down last night.

I can dance...

I can drink and dance at the same time. I'm very mature

we were first muthah-fuckahs... 5 years deep!
It only gets better =)
GROSS!! haha, Jake, please get that checked out!

"Wasnt me"
mo' dance mo' dance mo' dance
Cameron in the middle of the circle. Dance battle.
Jerm stole my maneuvers.
Oli, "here hold this, I'm on!"
GO Jac!!

Double fisting and let the tie loose, I like this guy.
Pat and Nicole... lovers.
more rug cutting

"Clap if you love Egypt"... he's back.

After the wedding, we went up to the hotel room and chilled for a bit. re-energized. Then walked over to the Yardhouse and partied some more.

Filling up my pimp cup

I just noticed Jac has an umbrella in her ear.

remember this adolescent game.... "let me see it, now it's your turn... oooohh"

I have a better picture of cameron and Derin together, but this one was a lot funnier than the other one.

Bella is a lucky kid, her parents are cool.


haha, we got back to the hotel room, and we thought jake was dead.
..he was alive, so we messed with him. (he either pee'd his pants, or spilled a beer in his lap.. you be the judge)

and his left shoe was never seen again.