UNDERWATER. photo test

Tuesday night I borrowed Jeremy's underwater housing. I wanted to practice with it because I thought I was going to use it for something important. Well, turns out I didnt need it for something important, but it was still a fun learning experience. It's the first time I've tried using an underwater housing. Also, my camera didnt fit into the housing, so I had to borrow Jeremy's camera. He has a canon something or other, i've never shot with a canon before and it literally took me 3 hours to figure out how to change the aperture on 'Manual' mode.
Shooting with a housing while in a pool at night is quite difficult (for me.) We had plans to bring some flashlights and put them underwater, but we ended up just using the natural light from the pool. Also shooting with a housing can be quite irritating, because after you figure out that you would like to change your settings, you have to unscrew all the bolts and take the camera out, change to the setting you wanted, then screw everything back in. For example: I realized I wanted to change the ISO on the camera... it took me 15 minutes!
Anyway, Chris came out to help me, Sam was my test model, and the water gave me pneumonia. I wasnt too thrilled with any of the pictures, maybe next time we'll shoot in the day. I'm sure it would be 100 times easier.

Chris took this picture of me and sam diving in. It looks like I have a wicked awesome "Bubble beard".
Chris's hairy chest looks nice and comfortable underwater.
me and sam. or was this chris and sam... i forget..
Under Under
Black Hair

that's that