Surfing with pat and Jake. Acid drops

When's the last time I surfed with Jake??... I dunno, 12 months ago?.. it's been a while. It was great to get back into the water with him. Jake was always my surf buddy, along with Pat. It's one of the reasons we are such good friends. Now he's living in california so we never get to surf together. I dont even think he does any surfing in Cali. I was stoked to see him still throwing huge backside buckets his first time back in the water.
We went over to 'Tracks' on the west side earlier this week. It was pretty good, we actually ended up surfing 'acid drops', in front of the power plant, less crowded. Here's the pictures:

Acid Drops. Goofy wind action
Jakey poo


The Snake.

Here's a quick video, less than two minutes of footage. After taping for a while, I realized I was letting Pat catch all the good ones, so I put my camera away and started catching waves. It was fun.