"Rage for Haiti" benefit event in Chinatown. recap.

This past friday I had the absolute honor to be part of an amazing event. "Rage for Haiti" was a charity event for raising money for the ClintonBushHaiti Fund. The fundraiser was in full effect with auctions, ticket sales, and donations. I was asked to document some of the event by taking some pictures ( I also partied a bit.) I also donated two of my limited edition photos for the silent auction.

It was quite a success I believe, and a great vibe at all the venues. Thanks to SOHO, Manifest, and Next Door in Chinatown for being host's for such a great cause. A special shot out to Mahina, working behind the scenes, and for letting me take part in the event.

I blogged a few of the photos I took. All the photos from the night can be seen on my flickr here,
you can also download any of the pics if you are in them.

Also for more pictures of the people who were there, check out Metromix.

This was the some of the silent auction stuff. Surfboards, concert tickets, paintings, Spa treatments, haircuts, bottle of wine, da "Gruller", and a whole bunch of other super awesome stuff.
MMMike putting in his bid for the killer 6'10" surfboard.
Concert ticket packs, Roundtrip ticket on GO! airlines!!
my "Mr. White" photo
My picture looked pretty lame compared to Zak Noyle's pictures... also, that snowboard was for auction, I think it ended for a little less than $200!
My "Extinct" photo being laughed at by Landon and Shelby, thanks
More people bidding.
First performance at SOHO. O'oe Carr. She was real good.

The News showed up. Interview with the master minds.
Next performance at SOHO. Oliver (from the JumpOffs). Acoustic set, he was good as well.

more bidding
this girl here taking a picture of me taking a picture was bidding on my "Mr. White" photo. Unfortunately she didnt win it.
Alana, at the last moment you could find the bar empty.

After hanging out at SOHO for a bit, I went to check out what was happening at Manifest. Manifest was bumpin bones.

First performance at Manifest was Kimie Miner. Gooooood stuff.


I had to leave Manifest so I could jay-walk across the street to 'Next Door'. The Deadbeats were already playing when I got there.
They had some pretty Hellacious lighting in there. Also, if you havent seen The Deadbeats play yet... YOU NEED TO!
they really make you wanna dance

Kiani + Mahina
Disco Ball
Woebots. This is the only time I saw him, and I forgot to tell him something important.

I went back to Manifest to see a little bit of Anuhea's performance. Killer

Then it was back to SOHO!!
82fifty was on stage shredding! These guys are good

Jonah + Maria.
The final minutes of the silent auction.
I was very flattered to have some bids on my photos.
82Fifty. More Shred.

Thank these girls!

Live Auction time. Been to one? It's crazy, a real human being gets auctioned off, in this case pretty girls. This was pretty cool though, the dates came with a free dinner or Al Green tickets, and all the money went to the charity. The girls were good sports, and they sold for big bucks!!

highest bidder

bidding war
"I hear $70 in the back"

After the Live Auction was over, the winners of the silent auctions were announced. MMMike won his surfboard!!
Yay, he won my "Extinct" photo
Scott, the big winner of the night. I think he walked with a huge painting, my "Mr. White" photo, a date from the Live Auction, Woebots print, and some other stuff. AND, he helped out Haiti. good stuff
D.J. play that song
More dancing in SOHO. rage all night.