Tomorrow (from Yesterday) we went syrfang.

Dear Diary,
I went surfing today. I went back to 'Tracks' to see if it was any better than yesterday. It was a little better. Me, pat, and Brandon surfed 'Acid Drops' for a few hours, then drove away from the crowd and surfed a secret spot called "Pat's Peak." The waves were okay there, but we had to paddle for 10 minutes just to get to the break. Anyway, I cant wait for the north shore to get small again so I can stop surfing the west side.

conditions were better than yesterday. A little more crowded.

4 guys in the line-up is crowded to me. Especially when the waves arent' that good.

This picture is funny because this was actually the best wave we saw all day. Brandon is taking off right here, grabbing his rail. He pulled into the cute barrel right after I took this picture. He was covered pretty clean in the tube for a quick bit, it would of been a super good picture if I waited another second. Oh well, you're gonna have to use your brain memory Brandon. Sorry

Time to leave and check out the next spot.

This is "Pat's Peak", named after its founder Pathrick Colombus. Here is Pat taking a winded up right hander. This place can be pretty unreal in the right conditions (like every surf spot in the world, ha). It was just me, pat, and brandon out and it was fun for the first 30 minutes, then it just went to shit. Oh well.

"what time is it Brandon?!"... "It's 12:00 dude!!"
cooling off in the mid day sun.

Last wave in.

Ya, more video ya. who watches these anyway?