Things from the vault.

Posting random pictures and encounters from the past 2 weeks or so. my new site (not a real site). December is here, Christmas is less than 3 weeks away, I'm liking this.

You guys notice the nice 'Harvest Moon' on December 1st? It was a good night to harvest organs from homeless people and then sell them on the black market. But in this economy I wasnt making much profit.
Kids are beautiful, especially when they are peacefully sleeping. I caught Bella passed out with the two dogs, it was cute so I took a picture. and she has a little personal Xmas tree in her room too.
.. this guy must really like mermaids. I mean, this is a pretty big sticker on his car. I wonder, does he think mermaids are that sexy??... like would he kiss one if she actually looked like this sticker?.. how far would this guy go? He is gross.
I worked out for the first time in over a year. After the workout I had a hard time bending my arms to shampoo my hair. Me and Sam have started venturing over to Brandon's house to motivate each other and become ripped sticks.
I do about 100 reps of these... then I shoot up my "roids" and do another 100.
Sam is getting into it too, i'm very proud of her. Not only is she better at video games than me, she is also stronger than me.
we've started to do Yoga too. Brandon is a yoga fiend so he's been teaching us some stuff. I'm sure it'll help my surfing out too. I'm loving the 'cobra' pose (because I spit venom when we do it.)
I'm all for this last step...

In other news... its gonna get crazy on Monday. I'm pretty sure me and Pat have our secret "wrap" location picked out. I'm pretty sure the spot we are thinking about surfing is going to be at least 5 ft. I'm gonna have to use my big board, which is my 6'2"...yeah that's my "Gun".
"Colossal", and 2 exclamation points... you know we are serious.
these kids were walking around with a cat hat and a banana suit on in the middle of the day. donkey's.
the west side of the island= where you can find ingenuity at it's best!
nice surf racks dude. 2x4 planks drilled into your car roof, then wrapped with towels. Was this worth the money you saved by not buying 'soft racks'?
we went Christmas shopping in Target. I love Nutcrackers, If I had space in my house, I would seriously be collecting these.
...especially the ones with mustaches.

Bella broke her bed frame the other day, too much partying I guess. Anyway, i fixed it with some pink duct tape and a make-shift 'splint'. It worked perfectly, and I feel like a winner dad now.

C'mon Zippy's!! You think you can do a little better job decorating your Christmas tree!? At least take the support net off of it, at least stand it up straight!!! You charge me $6.00 for a bowl of saimin, but you can't afford to take the time to "spruce up the joint"!? sheeesh.

I was in loco moco in the town center the other day. This lady right here took my order. I really liked the jacket she was wearing. In my head I debated about telling her that I liked her jacket or just keeping my thoughts to myself. I told her, "I really like that jacket". She really appreciated that comment, she blushed up a little, she told me a story about her jacket, how long she's had it, and the fact that nobody has ever told her that it was nice. It felt really good that she felt good about her jacket because of my comment. Just goes to show, you should give that person that nice little comment you were thinking in your head, because you never know how much they might appreciate the littlest thing.

wish me luck on my newest adventure. I'm taking my case all the way to the top!
Mcdonalds breakfast time. Old people everywhere with there coffee's and hash browns. This is the aftermath from a Senior citizen Mcdonalds rager party. I guess they didnt clean it up, because they lacked the physical capability to bend over and pick something up. Punks.

Worse ad i've seen all month. Why the hell is this girl 'modeling' for this phone. First, her boobs are a bit much... second, her boobs are a bit much. Makes me wanna punch her boobs like a speedbag. Thirdly, she is ugly (sorry), but this sign made me mad enough to take a picture of it and blog about it.
AND.. we found the mother load of sweet vintage short shorts!! Jackpot!!!
Original 'JAMS' son!!

"No Jams No Glory"
I also swam with dolphins.

Lastly, what the hell with cartoons these days?! Viagra must own shares in Nickelodeon stock.

buy bi.