"Deck The Halls" skatedeck art show @ 'Manifest'

Friday night was the "Deck the Halls" benefit fundraiser art show for Kenny Brimer. All of the art was for sale (donated by amazing artists) to try and get money for Kenny's fight against Leukemia. I showed up friday morning at 'Manifest' to check out the show being set-up and to take some pictures of all the skatedecks. I had a blast hanging out with everyone in the morning. The show kicked off at 9:00pm and got packed around 9:15pm. It was great to see everyone out and the vibe was very uplifting. Picture time.

Middle of the morning, putting on the ritz.

I think Manifest was made for shows like these. The decks looked incredible against the brick.
''How many homies does it take to screw in a skatedeck?".... It takes 4
Manifest is also a great place to get your fancy caffeine fix in the a.m.

Mandy was in charge of keeping the shiny decks extra glossy. "People love shiny", said Lucky.

Kavet and Lucky
Mandy signing her piece.
Lucky autograph
Justin likes to be on top
Lucky trying to upgrade his piece
"It's shiny and 3-D, people will buy", said Lucky again.
Lucky pic
Lucky insisted I shoot this photo. he needs to make sure ryan sees it.

Kenny, the man of the day

Now it is time for the show. I was surprised how many people showed up early. People love art, people love Manifest, and people love loving. I'm glad I got to see a lot of my friendly's out and about.
The Halls are Decked!

Newkon, Kenny, CKaweeks. too bright
Stylin' profilin'
Newkon, Honozooloo, Ckaweeks. Aaron had the equipment tonight

Brandon (nice hair cut)
Lofa trying to fill the 'Kenny bank' by any means necessary

Landon before they went to do there Jumping at 39hotel

Manny (saw him 2 nights in a row)

Alden, Cam, Jac
Tha J.P.
Metromix in the house
Nicole 4-eva
Micah and crew

Support Local Skateboarding
Mahina (not working... but 'working it')
Luke and Luck
seriously, a match made in heaven I think.
I jumped on someone else's photo opp

Woebots and mega-ultra crew outside
Mani pedi
go find this photo on metromix
Drew just got a text, it said- "If you cut your hair, Hawaii will sink"
the moment before the french kissing
this guy liked the cheetah
How many other people saw this in the bathroom. I was the first to see it. I took a picture of it while I was peeing. It kinda freaked me out for a quick second
cameron putting the lime in the coconut or something.

Check out the decks!!!! Some serious amazing stuff. There still might be ones that are available, if you are interested go check out Manifest before the weekend is over. Some of them can come home with you for a donation of $100.

Line up
I'm going to try and remember the artist's name, but I dont remember some of them. sorry

Katch 1

Justin Park

Daves Action

Pancho Abalos
Ryan Lau
Jef Hartsel
Martin Hsu


Angry Woebots
Lucky Olelo

Dyson Ramone
Manny Pangilinan


Shawn Castro

R Zone

Amanda Garcia

Lofa says bye.