CW birthday Super party. Friends. Music. Bottomless.

Christa Wittmier. It was your birthday, and it was good. Last friday, yeah I know the blog is late, was Christa's biffday party. All came to celebrate at the Fresh Cafe.

It must be good to be Christa. Who else can get the best party bands, the best dj's, free drinks, and beautiful people at their birthday party?!
I showed up late, unfortunately, and missed 'The Deadbeats', and Matt's fashion show. I did get there in time for The Jump Offs, and The Girlfriends, and in time to see everyone put there Rage-face on (actually some people already had it on when I got there.) It's pretty cool to be able to show up somewhere by yourself and still feel like you can hang out with anybody there. I never had a boring moment by myself. Everyone there was having a good time, all for one reason, the common denominator, Christa Wittmier. Everyone seemed to be better friends that night, also, everyone found a place to pee out on the street. One of the best nights out of 2009, thanks for being there, thanks for the invitation, thanks for the drinks, thanks for the music, thanks for the fun.

Enjoy the pics.

outside, you could enjoy the cold weather, the live painting, and the slide show.
First thing I saw when I got there. CKaweeks was painting up a piece. "how you doing bruthah", said Ckaweeks. "It's cold out here", I said.
... well just so everybody else knows.
Bottomless drinks. Yay for booze.
The Jumpity Jump Offers.
The biffday girl, nice ring by the way, CW.

...don't believe the picture, people were dancing.

KALA!!! this mo-fo was definitely in "cool runnings" mode. Frickin' love Kala!!

the shoolby

I was 'feeling tipsy'. all this money was mine. key word= 'was'
holla holla holla holla holla holla holla... lemme holla 'atcha
jess on jess photo op.
check it out... must of been goodie.
swing swang view from the bar
Jump Offs - fire guitars
you cant tell, but I'm pretty sure Lando was winking at me.
KALA!! inventing new dance moves. I think this one was called 'the Brontosaurus'
Steeezy Steeeeeeeve
Noa doubt ( minus gwen steffani )
da' kine classics. Lilli and Keola. Love birds
hmmm, how uncool am I?! Took a picture of one of the best photographers in the house, and one of the best models in the house. And i take a cruddy blurry picture, I am not worthy. Harold Julian and Tesa
Nicole and company. I think I had a better picture of Nicole, but I opted for this one.
CKaweeks still doin' work.
okay Ground UP. (also, please notice Steve's abusive grip on Erica's arm, that dude does not accept ''no'' as an answer)
this guy is pretty Lucky.
Chinatown summed up.
i'm good at taking blurry pictures of people who are actually good at taking pictures. Honozooloo packs the heat everytime.
oh Damn, "Girlfriends" hit the stage with a mission...
... to 'high five' everyone in this joint!!
... wait, Luke's in this band too?! Lucky buggah.
find yourself
M.B. telling me where the nearest fire escape is. Either that or he was saying "get steppin outta here!! i'm dancing with these ladies!"

Matt opened these beers himself. He paid the price by cutting his finger. Mahina on text.
Me, Mahina, then Matt. Matt, sorry you can't "out hot" Mahina with that 'blue steel' look.
Tracy MetroMix... she is also confirming with Matt that her pics are better than mine.
he caught a long distance arieal 'high five' from the Girlfriends. also, how did I make Michele look goofy in a picture? (it's pretty impossible, but I did it)
"Hello Vagina" cupcakes. I did not partake.
you guys are ruling right now.
she is having a good birthday.

I think i'm dancing. or got an erection .
Ryan Dance-till-he-dies Machine

yes, I do want to bump fists with you Lance.
oh yeah, I stalked this Holga guy for a hot minute... "lemme get a shot of you getting a shot, i'm into lomo too bro!!"
"I command thee to raise this fuckin' roof!!"
who dat?
small kine worshiped

Travis, you rule, but unfortunately your cool shaka pose was 'out-shined' by that girl on bottom left. rage face winnah
I just got out-shined
"I feel like I love you John", said Kala. ditto
now that's a good rage face Kala. Lando, you like my hat?
Look at me, I'm in a picture with Dr. Woebot
APT. 3 (Jonah was covering his drink in fear of me slipping him some spanish fly)
"Hakuna Matata" means no worries till you wake up the next day.
Maria just out-shined the gift you got Christa

Bonnie and Aaron (also, those 'Specs' are spectacular)
Ckaweeks still workin' back there. He would of been done by now, if he didnt spend all that time writing about my feelings about the atmosphere.
CKaweeks X SuperCW
no guts, no glory...
... okay put me down. it's been a good time.
Shanna + Michele (did i spell that wrong?)
MxPx (magnified plaid) bitches
DJ Eskae. he is good at turning the tables (of time)
oh damn... the bar ran dry.
that will not stop me from playing 'doggy doggy woof woof'
Ground Up. Kiani, I know where the roof is. Jessi, wtf with michael jackson?!

anybody notice bobby dee cut his hair? I like oof

that's not my hand.
MMMMike (or is it only 3 M's?)
Happy Birthday girlie

and holy shit!!! I get out to my car, which was parked right out front, and the tow truck has his evil clutches on my wheels!!! I ran across the street, seeing the tow dude looking at where to lock up, I was already thinking I was fucked, reaching for my wallet to somehow convince him not to tow it away. I told him, "Yo!! there's a baby deer in the trunk, you can't tow that shit... it'll die!!!" The tow guy let me slide with a warning, saved my night. Thanks tow guy for not making me throw feces. I took this picture while he was driving away.

after the Fresh Cafe, everyone said "dude, V-Lounge!!! let's go!". So I stopped by V-lounge for a second, then realized I'd rather not.
Zak Noyle, he's got glass, i mean class.
walking back to my car, guess who shows up late... Mr. SOHO DoGo himself. Danny boy. I'm sure he loves when people call him that. Also, just noticed his CW shirt, nice. Slap hands.

feel free to pee.