M. Ward @ Pipeline Cafe

Wednesday I attended a concert at Pipeline Cafe. Honolulu Weekly asked me to shoot some photos of the show, for a piece the Weekly is doing on BAMP (the promotional company that brings down these awesome bands.) Honestly i've never heard of the Artist, M. Ward, until the Weekly asked me to do the shoot. The show was amazing though, great music, fun people, and now i'm a new fan of M. Ward. They had a very strict rule about 'no flash photography', so I was shooting with some grain. Here are a few photos from the show.

One of the opening musicians, forgive me, I forgot his name. But he's one of the dudes in PennyLane.
These next two guys went on next. Killer guitarist.

Then it was M. Ward. I became a fan instantly with his first song. I guess he sounds like an 'Xavier Rudd' but without a didgeridoo .

okay. Thanks BAMP and Honolulu Weekly for the free show! =)