"The Launch" art event at SOHO. Circus Underground.

Thursday night. Went to SOHO for the UH art department show. The night was enjoyable with good art, music, dancing, fashion, and feedback. Even though i'm not a UH student anymore, I was privileged to be able to show a few photos. "The Launch" had a pretty good turn out, with me, Sam, Brandon, and FayeSha carpooling to the mix. With an underlying "Grunge Circus" theme, the event had some interesting characters mingling around. Here are the photos I managed not to erase.

In the white side room

The first band, sorry I forgot the name.

This was my stuff.

I think you might need a close up of my smaller pieces. So I heard the theme for the show was Circus Underground/ grunge, so I thought about what I could put in the show. I knew I had some photos that were definitely "Circus"... but how could I 'grunge' them up?! That's where my wonderful sister, Jess, came into play. I emailed her my photos and told her to photoshop some obscure details into the photos. She did an amazing job. Love it.

"#1 Fan" (You might have to click to enlarge the detail ;)
... and continue

Chris put up some sick stuff!! not a silkscreen. Hand applied photo emulsion on actual money.
Awesome dudes.
Shelby and Brando
me and Shelb
.. time to go check out some dancing.

Live art

I even managed to get a self portrait shadow in the picture.
Mallory and Creee
band: "Yellow September" (I think)

"More cowbell!!!"

I gots a good lapdance

me and Aubrey

Fashion show time

... but it is also very very delicious.

this is funny, look at that girls face behind the photographer. She just got excused from her spot.

Strobe flash fun
I like how all of Chris's eyes almost overlap. like a 3-eyed monster
Solar Brando
Brandon Fayesha mix
a different John, Brent, and a touch of chris
"The Brofessionals"

Cluster Cuss

Why is Fayesha laughing at me... my mom says i'm cool.
Dirty Humps on the dance floor makes my camera get blurry.
Best dancers (in the solar system)
If Sam was a Unicorn
My Hero
A.J and girlfriend morph

... Shelby said it best. "Byeeeeeee"