STRUNG OUT. Pipeline Cafe

Friday night was awesome. I started off Friday with the "deck the halls'' event at "Manifest" (see post below). Then I finished the night by pumping my fists in the air at the "Strung Out" concert at Pipeline cafe. Thanks to Cameron for letting me know that they were playing and giving me free tickets to go. The concert was super empty, which probably feels sucky for the band, but being in the audience is awesome.
I still feel Strung Out is one of my favorite bands of all time. Super underrated, and they absolutely melt faces with guitar licks. I'm pretty sure there was only about 15 people there that knew all the words to the songs, everyone else was there because they wanted to see 'ProHo's' talking to Jaime Obrien (It was an official triple crown surf party.)
Anyway, I had a good time. Strung Out proved that they don't need a huge crowd to make them go off. They put on a fun, energetic show, and took the time to shake everyone's hand in the front row that was singing along with them.
Im glad it was empty because it gave me a chance to walk around everywhere and take pictures, even getting my hands on the stage.
Heres the pics.

Glad there was a few friends to hang out with.

yeah, pretty empty.
Dean is my Idol.
Front row, no problem. You even had room to do cartwheels.
Metromix followed me here :)
Time for Rock-n-Roll.

Real Fans

They left a plug open for me, but I forgot my guitar and amp.

He was letting the girlies touch it.

solo from 'Betrayal' coming up

"Shit, I am losing money"- he said.
I think me and Jason made a connection here.

love a good singalong

Super nice guy. You wont ever see Fat Mike doing this.

Set List. (Encore was 'Bark at the Moon')


Thank you very much Strung Out.