Light Graffiti with Creee

Last night Chris asked me to help him finish his final project for school. Let's see, his project was due at 12:30 pm on friday, we started shooting photos at 1:00am friday morning, yes 1:00a.m!! More fun with a light projector and cameras.

Chris 'Hand Applied' project in the works. I just needed to help him take his last 2 photos. I am the guy who gets to hold the cable release and look at my watch to count the minutes per exposure.
yeah, the biggest Negatives I have ever seen. you should see the detail on the actual print, crazy

Back out on the street. Generator, tripods, and romance in the air.

This is a picture of me, you can tell by my socks.
Handsome Man Boy
"Butterfly Shadow"
Up to Waialae Ave.
One of Cree's project pieces.

Then I threw some pictures from my iPod onto the wall. I wanted to get more 'light trails' from cars passing by on the street, but at 3:00A.M. nobody drives by.
"Danielle + Diana+"
Danielle in the grass, on the wall 'black & white'

"A Better Wall Paper"

later alligator