Happy Birthday baby Jesus. It was Christmas on friday. I am blogging out of chronological order again. I wanted to blog about Maui first, but I know there's some family and friends out there that wanted to see this soon, so here it is. Christmas was great this year, like every year. We were pretty broke this year, so buying gifts was pretty stressful, but definitely worth it in the end. We stayed with family this Christmas, no traveling needed. Me and Sam spent all our money on Bella and Family. Bella got some sweet gifts, everything on her list i think. Here's the pictures from Christmas Eve, and Christmas.

We had the friends over for Christmas eve. Isabella stayed up as late as she could, but she finally crashed at about 10:00pm. Oli and Chad came over, we Xbox'd, we had some beers, some crackers, cheese, salami, and egg nog.
It was a good opportunity to give Chad his gift. I didnt get any gifts for anyone else, but I had to get Chad this gift because.....
It was the perfect gift.. something that any human can't be complete without...
..oh yeah baby...
we got him the 'wild side' Zebra print one too... pretty couture
" you can cheer for your favorite team at sporting events!!"

after we cleaned up the house on Christmas eve, we put the rest of the presents under the tree. Santa made a late stop and added a few more.
Christmas morning!
Bella went straight to the back and grabbed one of the big ones.

It was her new Lego Boombox. pretty sick. I wanted one.

also got her the 'Alvin and the chipmunks' soundtrack.. haha, its actually pretty fun.
Bella made us some cards with 'gift certificates' for free hugs and kisses.
Uncle Woebots gave Bella a sick hoodie!!! Yo Gabba Gabba kidrobot hoodie.
... worth BANK!!!
.. I think her favorite gift though, was this Hello Kitty suitcase. She wants to go on an airplane now. An airplane to anywhere, but especially Japan she said.
a pretty good haul from mom and dad.
...Next stop, grandma's house.
More kids, more presents, more family sharing.

Brennan photog

more gift exchanging.
Bronson looted this Christmas too!! well, he's a good kid, so he deserves it.
There were so many presents around, so many kids opening presents at once. I think at one point, it seemed the goal was just to open everything. Bella wasn't paying attention to what she was actually getting, she was just determined to unwrap everything. Wrapping paper everywhere.

Bronson. What could it be?? I know you don't play pool. I know you like to fish... what on earth could it be?!

Fishing Pole!!

Wendy's big gift...
a brand new 32" Tv !!! yay!

he got a whole new set-up. Must be nice. I dont fish, but i'm sure getting a new pole is as exciting as getting a new surfboard or skateboard or something. Lucky kid.
Gramma gets jewelry..
Rendy got a new pole too!! Pretty awesome rootbeer hybrid/reflective color. Makes me wanna get a pole and take up fishing....
... just so I can hang out with these guys more!
Bella loved these socks.

Did some backyard BBQ'n before heading over to the other grandma's house for Christmas dinner.
Dinner time

I think I mopped up all those yams. nom nom nom

Let's try and get the kids together for a 'normal' picture. Hard stuff. was impossible to get everyone to look at the same camera.

..the "adults" didnt do any better.

Board Game time!!! CRANIUM. 4 teams. killer.
also, got a last minute package all the way from Georgia, thanks Dad!!!

P.s. speaking of the best Christmas gift ever... check out this shit!!!! If I have to explain this picture, then whatever, you don't get it. But if you know the story.. you'll appreciate this. Cameron, we are ready to rage at your wedding. Lovingly.

video. presents. etc.