"Feed My Tummy" art show RECAP. 12/01 @ Prototype

Here is the recap from the opening night for the "Feed My Tummy" custom toy art show at Prototype Ala Moana! It went off real nice. The toys were super killer with a lot of variety between the various artist. Local artist's "Newkon", "CKaweeks", and Pancho were on hand hanging out and spending some quality time with the fans. The toys will be on display all of December, so do make sure you stop by and check them out. Prototype has some killer stuff in there too if you need to do some Christmas shopping. Also, some late pieces are slowly making there way to Hawaii via 'snail mail', so even if you were at the show you're gonna want to come back and see the whole shabang later.
Check it;

Prototype with the new window display with the art.
inside lookin' out.
People in the store, here for the art.
crazy people love art.
People outside peeping on the display
Art toys

Hand painted by: "Leecifer" (California)
Hand painted by: Lou Pimental (New York)
Hand painted by: Katbrunnegraff (Ohio)
Hand painted by: Pancho Abalos (Hawaii)
Hand Painted by: "Newkon" (Hawaii)

Hand Painted by: "PHU" (Singapore)

Hand Painted by: Brent Nolasco (Pennsylvania)

Hand Painted by: "Arkiv" (Indonesia)
Hand Painted by: "CKaweeks" (Hawaii)

all the pieces are going to be for sale, and they are going to be on sale for a good cause!! check out for more informations.
CKaweeks is going to buy his own piece...
"Nice Cans"
I see Lofie
Ckaweeks, Newkon, and Pancho
Lofa and Benny rockin' my 2 favorite shirts of the night.
Micah from "Prolifik". Micah is THE HOMIE!!! and he's wearing my 3rd favorite shirt (actually tie for 2nd).
The Catalyst and Atypicalliving are in the house!
Brian Donnelly was there.
Ckaweeks loves toys!!!
discuss discuss discuss
time for some doodles, autographs, sketches, and chocolate bars
Lofa cut in line 4 times.

Talent on the table


I wasnt the only one documenting
Chris w/h
black and white organizing around the 'black books'
HaynMade keeping the kids happy
Prototype crew running the registers.

all nighter...

thanks guys.