Relatives come to visit from Georgia- Howard & Shawn

Another long overdue post... Last week I had some family from Georgia come into town to visit. I havent seen my Uncle Howard (who is my step-mothers brother)in about 8 years or so. Fortunetely it wasnt awkward or anything when we met up. I guess sometimes distant Family can still feel like close family after time apart. Howard and his beautiful new wife Shawn were completing a 7 day Hawaii inter-island cruise. On Saturday there cruise ship dropped them off at pier 2 by Aloha Tower. So with a few hours to spare before there flight back to the East coast, I met up with them and took them around the south east shores of Oahu so they could see some great sites. This was there first time to Hawaii, and I hope they had as much fun as I did on our mini island tour.

We went over the Pali highway and stopped by the lookout, then down to the Valley of the Temple, then around the bend to check out Makapu'u, Haunama Bay, then 'China Walls.'

..we stopped by 'china walls' so I could show them a nice view, it was also a personal stop for me so I could check out the surf. =)

.. and I know how much they loved sushi, so this picture is for them. It was there last lunch in hawaii.

Thanks Howard and Shawn!! you guys were truly amazing, fun and of course beautiful. I had a lot of fun hanging out with you guys, and we'll make sure to see you guys next time my family comes to Georgia!