No Use For a Name (for this post)


Im just catching up with a few pictures from random things this past month.

We were in Hawaii Kai a while ago, and Bella convinced me how much she wanted some ice cream.

Me, Sam, Bella, Bronson, Cree, Mal, Chad, and Brent went to Port Lock to wait for the sunset to come. (lucky we live Hawaii, right?!)

Me, Talon, and Cameron hung out at Oliver's the other night. We looked at old pictures and recorded some tunes.


Bella was hanging out in the back of Oli's house and using there homemade 'zipline'

Bella got too extreme on this run, and slipped off.

If you take a look at her face, it seems she's still committed to "going for it" even though she's definetely not going to make it to the bottom of the line. (she was o.k.)

'Ride off into the sunset Bella!'

oh and last thing, look what we found the other day!! Its the old energizer battery with the "on board battery tester". Maybe some people wont remember these batteries, but I always wondered why they dont make them anymore. For example, we were still able to tell if this battery was still "good" or not... and it was, "good".
already then