Im thinking about buying one of these cams

I've been thinking about buying one of these cameras. For a few reasons, 1) they are waterproof, so I can take them surfing. 2) they are small, and I dont have a digital camera that I can fit into my pocket.. perfect for blog pics. 3) they all shoot video, so I can upload dingy dongy videos to my blog too.

This Fuji one is only like $170, and it comes in all these cool colors. 10megapixels and video, waterproof to about 10 feet. the buttons on the back are soft rubber, so i like that. hmmmm
This Olympus one is like $180 i think, pretty much exactly the same as the fuji one, but I dont like the buttons on the back as much.
I think this is the new Canon one. its 12megapixels and has all the do-dads that all digicams do. but this one is $240 i think, but its waterproof to 30 feet and shockproof. AND, as the picture below shows... it comes sprinkled with crack-cocaine on it, so the street value of the cam pays itself off I guess.

... any recomendations?