4 years since July 10th, 2005

This past friday, the 10th, was our 4th wedding anniversary! Yay for us. Anyway, I was going through the wedding albums and thought I would scan in a few that really made me smile. Most of these pictures are from those disposable camera's that we left on the tables. Our wedding was very D.I.Y. if you remember being there. I wouldnt of done anything different, I even enjoyed the rain.

The rain held off during the ceremony, then it came down really hard. It made for some interesting pictures though.

We'll have to do this at Cameron's wedding too.

It was much harder than expected to put up all those umbrella's, lights, and lanterns on the big gazebo thing.

my dad and Jason (Jesus)

Chazzy dance

Shelby and Brand-O

classic moment: Erin doing 'the worm'

I sort of remember this cake fight..

Sam spending a little time behind the 'open bar' at her own wedding....

the free drink menu... which I believe was the favorite part for 98% of the guests who attended

goodie times

hahaha.. and I believe shane drank zero alcohol this night (well besides what might of got in his mouth from this burst from chadwick)

.. so I know at least Chad was involved in the cake fight too.



For our 4 year anniversary, me, sam, and Isabella are gonna go to Maui for 2 nights. Yay! I think we'll go back up to Haleakala (the place where I proposed to sam) so see the sunrise and take some pictures. Maybe a trip to Hana.. hmmm, but mostly relaxing.