I gots me a new Camera!!! (Waterproof)

So Yeah, I bought it at wal-mart today. It is the Fuji Finepix Z33 WP... 10mp / 3x optical zoom / 2.7" LCD screen. So far, I like it. I really cant wait to shoot some underwater stuff, and bring it surfing so we can video some stuff.

I even read all the instructions... I have no idea how this warning pertains to my camera!? I guess im not suppose to put the camera on a cart, then roll that cart over loose carpet? hmm.

I bought some seperate accessories to make a "surfing camera bag". I bought a "fin leash" and a small camera bag with a zipper on it... and combined there powers!

Now I have easy access to the camera while surfing, so I dont have to keep it in my pocket, and with the velcro leash strap around my arm, I cant lose it. =)

the LCD screen seems lovely..

This scared me.. but I've seen Chaz's camera work in the ocean... so this was just a baby test. Pretty fun stuff.

*I found these pictures on Flickr... some dude has the same camera I just bought, and he took these pictures with the camera.. so it looks pretty good for a $169 underwater digi-cam...

Hopefully I'll be able to take pictures of "Sea cucumbers"!! Get it?!... Sea "Cucumbers"?? (I mean a male pee pee.)

So these pictures are from my camera... I just wanted to test the 3X optical zoom. This is the widest setting....

Full Optical zoom (it can zoom a bit further, but it gets all cruddy digital)

Macro function always looks good. Im happy with this Macro on this cam.. gets pretty close.

Indoors / No flash

Outdoors / no flash

as long as my Bwana's look good

The "Black & White" feature, looks o.k. (It also has a few Sepia tones options in there)

Takes a pretty good picture out the window while I was driving..

Here are the videos I shot with it...

Then I posted this video at 50% enlargement to see if it will still look good.

Here's a video of us at Oliver's house today..

Its Kind of wierd having a small 'point-and-shoot' camera. I have been using the camera on "Auto" (which i never do with my other cams.)... Auto works really well. It'll be good to have so I dont have to lug my D200 everywhere I go (just in case i need to blog about something, i'll always have a camera on me.)

The "Manual" function on my new camera doesnt really give you that many options.(well unless i havent found them all yet.) In manual you can overide the ISO and some flash options.. but you cant change the shutter speed, like for long exposures .. i guess you cant have everything in a camera for under $200. There is a few in camera edits you can do.. like 'cropping' and changing the color of the photo after you take it (to sepia, or B&W, or a few other colors.)

Let the fancy photos begin!!!

*P.s. this whole time, waiting for the videes to upload, i've been listening to the song "Diablo Rojo" by Rodrigo y Gabriela.... damn song is hot!!! hot, hot, hot!! give it a go!