My New Driver's License! =)

Hellz yeah folks, I did it!! I got a new haircut for my new driver's license. Let me go into some detail for ya... First, the lady at the DMV made me take my picture 7 different times!! They kept saying the "Camera was breaking" or not working, so they had to reboot the whole system. Then they said my thumbprint didnt match my old thumbprint from my previous driver's license... ridiculous! It was kind of a pain in the ass, but hopefully this driver's license is funny enough to be worth the effort. This is actually the first time I've taken a recent license picture WITHOUT using fake hair anywhere on my face. What do ya think?
Here's my polaroid before i went to the DMV

..and here it is, my new license. I've already used it a few times with great reactions!.. i'm telling you cashiers and bartenders love this kind of thing! I wonder what the police will say if I ever get pulled over... .

and in chronological order, my past 3 drivers' license's and my current one.


If you are wondering how I managed to get such a great haircut.. the answer is simple, Jesus Christ is a great barber (and a good carpenter).

Sam and Bella get there first look at the masterpiece that is my hair.

Last step, shave it clean off!!

Here's a little bonus footage for you guys .. it's "a lizard" in my shorts.