Carnival in Waipio Gentry

Saturday evening, Me, Bella, and Bronson went over the kipapa gulch to get into waipio gentry. They were having a free carnival in the new Park over there (the rides weren't free.) I knew my main reason for going was to take some long exposures of the ferris wheel after sunset, but we went early so Bella could have $10 worth of fun on some rides.

I've been craving Funnel cake since we went to busch gardens in florida. Unfortunetely for me, the funnel cake here was $6+ and they didnt have strawberry topping!!! for the devil!

Games.. (you guys know I worked at the 50th state fair one year right??!! ... I worked at the games)

Bella in line with her tickets ready

Bronson and Bell waiting to got on a spinning dinosaur

now they are inside the spinning Dino

This thing was cool... it was a tank with a scuba diver inside. The kids could come to the glass and play tic-tac-toe with him, or write messages on the glass to each other.. Lucky the kids were wearing helmets, the scuba diver looks creepy.. like he was trying to get into their little dreams.

'Small Paul'

We got our seats, and waited for the "acrobat" show. It was put on by a Family from South America I think. They were not that good.
There was some military demonstrations too... It is kind of wierd to say that I took this picture at a carnival.
This one broken light bulb had my attention all night!
These was the flying trapeze act.. . I did mention they weren't that good right?!
he was all like, "Weeeee!!"
looks like they are checking out his 'flying buns'
so yeah, this was a missed grab!
Lucky they had a net... I didnt want to see anyone die.
2nd Attempt...
pay attention to this catch.... it's not a catch at all!
They got it the 3rd time though.
and on the most random of occasions, we saw Vander there!!! Vander is visiting his dad in hawaii for about a month. So we are gonna set up a few dates with Bella and Vander while he's here. (It seemed Bella was nervous to see him again, a bit surprised i guess)
So here are the photos I went to go take. I got lucky with the clouds, and the fact that there was a twinkle of sunlight in the sky left after the acrobat show. These exposures were held open for about 10-20 seconds each. Fun stuff.
This was my favorite photo from the night. Actually, it's my favorite photo i've taken in the past few weeks.
I liked this one too... the wheel on the left is actually the "Zipper" ride.
I used my fish eye lens for a few shots.
The Carousel, Bella's favorite ride.
another fish eye picture... I just wish the ferris wheel was in motion.
fish-eye of the ferris wheel.
The Carousel
Me and Izzy-B

I went to Wal-mart today and printed out an 11X14" picture of the carnival and framed it. Im pretty proud of that picture.. too bad I have zero wall space for it. ack.
woohoo, tomorrow we are going to Maui!!!! AND, Shane will be here when we get back.