July 4th / Angel's new appt.

So a Happy be-lated 4th of July everyone!! Last Friday was July 4th, and even though there were no official plans to do something until about 5:30 pm that evening, I think it ended up turning out great! Plans came about to hang out at our good friend, Angel's, new apartment in town. Angel just moved to a 15 story apartment building off of ward ave, she lives on the top floor, so we were hoping we would be able to see some fireworks from her house. Me and Chris met up around 6pm at the Makiki skatepark so we could carpool into finding some parking by Angel's house (you know how hard it is to find parking anywhere in town). Everyone else met up at Angels around the time the fireworks over ala moana beach park started. We played some games, had some drinks, had a mini photo shoot, and took a quick midnight dip inside of Angel's 24hour pool!! It was fun..

Taking still photos instead of video, makes us look like better skaters than we actually are.

It seems Bella even thinks I have a chance at this frontside flip to possible indy grab.

Whoa.. blunt stall to fakie rock.. (totally)

I think I was suppose to photoshop some surf "spray" coming off of this concrete wave.. but i dont know how to use photoshop, so use your imagination and add sound effects with your mind.

So this is Angel's new pad. A two bedroom, 1 bathroom, and unlimited friends place. Its pretty awesome when one of your friends moves into a new place. A funny thing always happens when people see it for the first time... people will start mentally decorating the place for you. I caught myself saying things like "oh, I would put something on this wall right here".. or "you know what you should do with the lights over here?!"... or "I would paint this wall a darker color".. etc. haha. Her furniture gets moved in soon, so we'll have a place to sit down when we play boardgames on the floor.

New appartment means "bare essentials" first right? well... Beer, apple juice, and a banana peel looks good to me.

This is the view from Angel's balcony... pretty rad!!

We figured it would be a fun place to experiment with some photos. Cree directed some photos, and I pressed the shutter button. Cree was getting crazy with lighting. 3 flashes per picture, each flash popped with a different color (from his Holga camera) red, blue and yellow. I think these came out pretty crazy. Thanks to Chad and Mike for having the ability to stay very still for 8 seconds for each picture.

I liked this picture because Angel's puff of smoke looked like a sheep floating away.
this was actually a mistake.. but i think it still looked pretty neat.
Monster Lighting!!

backlit with a red flash = dragon smoke
So went to the rooftop to see if we could see the Independence day fireworks. The rooftop is right above Angels place, and it there is all kind of goodies up there like bbq's and a 24 hour pool. This is the view from the rooftop, pretty snazzy.

so the fireworks started... they were a bit far away, but it was better than trying to find parking around Ala Moana and deal with the traffic down there. Here are some fireworks pictures.

I started to get funky with the pics.. I tried starting the time lapse picture in focus, then turning it out of focus in the same picture.
Or starting the picture zoomed in, then zooming out. (warp speed captain!)
I like this picture, looks like were sending a beacon to outer space.

I think this was part of the Finale'. Open for 15 seconds I think.

So that was July 4th! I cant wait till we go back to Angel's house again, its central between our house and Chad's house. Now Chad doesnt have to drive all the way to mililani to play board games. Also with a 24 hour pool, im sure we'll have a lot more fun there soon. Also, Angel is having a multi-purpose party at her house at the end of the month. It's going to be a costume party.. so more pictures to come from her house soon. bye for now.