North Shore with Toys

This week I spent a day with myself and drove up to the north shore to take some pics. My main goal was to take some nice photos of the beach, unfortunetely for me, I suck at taking pictures of beaches I guess. Luckily I brought some toys with me and my MP3 player to keep me entertained. I went through Haleiwa in hopes of taking a cool picture of the bridge, well I didnt. I went to Waiamea, which is nice.. but too crowded to take a nice beach picture. I stopped at "leftovers" and then turned around. It rained for a hot minute, then stopped which gave me a rainbow to look at which was cool. Well here's some pics from that day... im more excited about the Toy Pictures I took. .

Haleiwa bridge is nice, but those dang powerlines will be in every shot. Maybe it would make a better Timelapse picture..

Some kids were fishing, that looked fun.

My favorite picture from the entire day was this polaroid of a duck by the bridge. Yay.

Waiamea Bay... I want to come back and take a night timelapse picture from this spot, so I can smooth out the water.. and it might look cool with the water coming over the rocks..

I dont know why this picture uploaded so funky.. looks like a cell phone pic. Anyway, i thought it was a cool image of this lady getting stuck in the rain..

When I was at "Leftovers", a nice thick cloud blocked the sun for a while and gave me an opportunity to drag my shutter for a bit..

This picture is at "Chuns".. nothing really interesting, but I guess it was the nicest beach picture I shot that day... (Yawn)

On the way home, I pulled over to shoot the Rainbow.. Wheres my Pot of Gold!!?

Here are the pictures I took of the two toys I brought, This one is "Dero" designed by Jermaine Rogers. Evil looking toy, in this picture it seems he's thinking... "you know where I can find me some Kitties?"
Then he waits in the grass, and when you walk by he bites your ankles.
on da bridge

" mo bettah den 'Point Panic' brah!"
"Me first"
one from below, one from above
"I'm going to eat the children"
This toy is my "Killer." It's a cross between a whale and a salamander. Designed by Bwana Spoons, this sleeping 'Killer' just hangs loose.

He can camoflauge himself well.
Dero doesnt mind a rainbow.

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