"Tea Party" with Aubrey / then other things

this week Sam's friend, Kai, asked me to take pictures of her daughter, Aubrey. Aubrey is turning the big "1" in august and she's having a big birthday party. Her birthday party theme is a "Tea Party", so for the picture for the invitation I thought it would be cool to have Aubrey in a tea party with her stuffed animal friends. We went to Moanalua park which provided us with a lot of grade shade and grass. After the park, me, sam, bella, and Bronson went to pearlridge, then to Goodwill, then to Ala Moana, then to a movie, then out to dinner, it was a very long day. Here are the pics from that day.

Aubrey in her Tea Party.. won't you join?

we found some great natural wood benches at the park

I shot a few pictures of Bella hanging out

I dont know why she makes this face, even though she's happy.. i dont get it. goof-ball

She said she was a 'Ballerina' in her shadow... I can see it. She has a poofy tutu

so after the park, we went around. We went to pearlridge first so Bella could see the "Bugs" display in uptown. Here we are on one of those pearlridge taxi's.. the ones you always want to get on, but can never find, we got lucky this time.

Bella loved the 'praying mantis'.. she even did her own 'praying mantis poses'. I dont know how she did it, but she never looked back at the display (that moved), still she managed to match her poses to the praying mantis behind her. see the photo sequence.

Bella said she really wanted to go on the little train, which was fine by me. Looks like a scene from 'Honey, I shrunk the kids'

after all that hype about getting on the train.. it didnt seem like she was that thrilled to be on the train. Also, i think her legs are getting too long for these little trains..

we took the monorail back to our car.. Bella loves her 'skinny jeans'.. trendy little gal.

I thought maybe perhaps she could hide behind this pole.

After pearlridge, we went over to the nearby Goodwill to look for more junk. I found some cool film cameras there. I ended up buying this 35mm camera. It has a fixed 50mm/ 1.6 lens on it, and its all plastic.. should be pretty neat.

this 110 film camera was pretty neat too..

funny!.. that 35mm camera that i bought still had a roll of film inside the camera. I wonder what would of been on it, if I developed it. Too late, exposed!

yeah, after that we met up with Cree at ala moana for a bit. Then we hit the $1 theatre and watched a movie, then Chili's for dinner.

I think the day kind of wore me out, now for the past two days since then, ive had a bad head cold and body aches.. or maybe im feeling my age. eeek.