Happy Birthday Shane!!

Today is July 2nd, which means it is Shane's birthday. So I just wanted to sent out a quick shot out to my 'brother from a different mother'. I've known Shane for 100% of my adult life, he is truly one of my greatest friends. Someone who has literally been there with me through every life changing aspect in my life. Thanks Shane for absolutely being a part of who I am today. Hope youre having a blast in Europe, but hurry home so we can hug.

Also, Chad wanted to give you a birthday gift.. so he dressed up in your clothes that you left at my house. Also, he was very stinky at the time.

He got Angel and Bronson to get your gear on as well, as we played Guitar Hero... hope you like your birthday gift.



*ALSO*... today is Erin's birthday!!! so happy birthday Erin! Thank you so much for helping me and sam with Bella on the Roadtrip. I dont think that Family road trip would of been as awesome as it was without you!

You've been a great friend to Sam, which has made both of our lives better. I got a secret birthday present for you later... shhh dont tell sam. haha j/k.