Prawns and Pong

Last night we went to Oliver's house, because he bought a new Ping Pong table yahoo!!! We hung out all night, played around with pictures,and had a drink. Oli's brother brought home some Prawns he caught up in Palisades that evening, and they grilled them. A good way to kill a friday night.
I finally know how to open up my photoshop program on my computer, and look what I learned to do!!! Ha, I only know how to use the "Clone stamp" tool, but I think thats all I ever wanna learn how to do anyway. Look how beautiful I made myself look!!! A handsome, bearded, 3 eyed, triple nostril, big eared, big lipped, handsome fellah with a hat on. heck yeah.
Thems is some mighty fine prawns... like tender tasty shrimpies.

Next step, can the Prawns play ping pong?!!
"Big Daddy Pinchers" was terrible at pong... just terrible, what a shame.
He's got a cool mo-hawk though.
Timelapse Pong.
Its times to grills somes prawnies... I <3 Fire.
Flame on.
B&W Flames
Chris took over on my camera for a while. He got some great shots! My camera has a pretty good 'built-in flash' on it, it has a strobe feature that lets you can pop off multiple flashes in one frame. Another reason why you should always read your whole camera manual. Your camera might be able to do this too, and you might not know it.

I think this one was like 5 flashes/ shutter open 1/1.3 seconds. (used 2 pong balls in this picture)
One ping pong ball / 5 flashes / 1 frame / shutter 1/1.3 sec
Same settings as above picture, this time with 8mm wide angle lens.
" "
I took some wacky sacky portraits of us./ Settings: Built-in repeat flash / focal-8mm / shutter 1.3" / f-22 / ISO-500 and handsome dudes.

.. on a seperate side note... I only have 2 packs of polaroid 600 film left!!!! ack!!