some birfday pictures

This week some of my friends had birthday's and some birthday gatherings to celebrate them. First was Alden who celebrated his big 3-0!! Then yesterday we got out of the house to celebrate Erin's birthday.

For Alden's birthday, we had a mellow dinner at the Macaroni Grill in ala moana. It was cool, too bad Pat couldnt make it out because he was sick. Also, I recommend the 'simple salmon' dish if you ever go there.. yum.

Alden got leid at dinner.

Romano's is pretty cool because they have those table cloths (paper) that you can draw on, to keep you entertained while you wait for your food. this works great when you bring kids to dinner. I entertained myself by staring at the blue whale i drew, he's a rare breed.

gots him some birthday cake. Also on a side note, if you've been to Romano's before, you know that they used to have this like opera singing lady sing "happy birthday" to you. Well they dont have that anymore, you have to sing to yourself.


So last night we got a babysitter again, so Me and Sam met up with everyone at 'The Shack' in Mililani for Erin's party. Everyone was suppose to go to Zanzabar night club after the shack, but I think people were too "out of it" to get anywhere else after the Shack. Lucky for us, me and sam live walking distance from the shack, so we traveled safely.

I dont know if Erin will remember doing this... but the picture will let you know. It's Erin doing front splits on two bar stools. haha, thats when you know its your birthday!!

quick post over. bye