Sunrise to Sunset: my 24 hours on Wed 07/22

What a day... Yesterday, I came home from our mini vacation to Maui. I had a very very long day on Wednesday, lemme tell you... Me and Sam woke up at 3:00am to go see the sunrise on Haleakala, elevation 10,000 feet (It's where I asked Sam to marry me.) After that, we hung out around Maui for a bit, then flew back to Oahu. Around 5pm, Me, Shane, and Cree went surfing out at "Pillars" by Port Lock, Hawaii Kai. I ended up surfing till the sun came down over the waianae mountains. Its pretty trippy to know that I watched the sun come up from above the clouds, then I watched it go down while sitting in the ocean. And I was on two different Islands. After we surfed, we had a late dinner at the house and Chad came over to have some beers and watch TV. I didnt end up going to bed till 3:00am, so I was awake for a full 24 hour period. It will be one of those days that I remember forever... not all because of how exciting it was, but more because of the amount of effort that went into the whole day. I am in the process of uploading all the pictures from Maui (I took 841 pictures in 3 days), but here is one from Haleakala... the other picture is from "Pillars". .

Sunrise: This picture was taken around 5:40 am from the top of Haleakala. In the dark sky you can see a few stars still shining. The sun is about to hit the horizon down below at sea level at 5:49. All the black content in the bottom of the picture is the huge crater, on the right of the picture is the peak of the haleakala crater... you can click on this picture to enlarge it if you want. Unfortunately there was a lot of cloud cover blowing over the far end of the crater which blocked the sun for a few minutes after it came up. All things considered, it was absolutely amazing! Its worth freezing your buns off. =)

Sunset: I took this photo with my small underwater camera while I was surfing. The weather wasnt that great at the time, it was raining over the ocean and small storm clouds were blowing over the mountains. It was a real fun surf session though. (I'll upload all the photos and videos from the camera later.)

So that was that. I really enjoyed yesterday.