Jake 'the Snake' returns home. (for a short while)

My great friend Jake returned home last week. Jakob usually only comes back to Oahu twice a year or so, and usually its for a short visit. This time, he stayed home for a full 10 days, so we actually had time to do stuff. We had time to surf (or at least check the bad surf), hit some clubs, play some ping pong, and simply just hang out. When jake comes to town, its usually an occasion that will get all the gang to come out and play. Here are the random pictures from our festivities last week. Miss ya jake!

We started off his vacation with a mellow house gathering / game night at my house.

we played around with making all types of "Jungle Juice". This was my favorite that I invented, go ahead and mix up some: Malibu Rum, Disarono, Saki, Calamansi lime juice, and a splash of juice from a maraschino cherry jar... its really good! (or for a simple, yet tasty version, just use Calamansi and Disarono.) yum


"guitar hero" (and we had one broken drum stick, so we had to use a chopstick)

Jake is an awesome drummer (in real life!).. go find the band "Lunar Fiction" on myspace. Anyway, it felt good (to me) that he was lame at the guitar hero version of playing drums, im finally better than him at something musical. And, that's your typical Oliver back there, sleeping on the couch before the fun gets started. =)

The first night where we actually went out. We went to a little bar/ lounge called "Aria", it's in the century center building near waikiki. Its a nice place to relax in an uncrowded enviroment.

Talon didnt get the memo about wearing your Vans.

L.L. Cam J. hooked up the Grey Goose bottle service.

Aria has a game room with a pool table and some dart boards. It was fun, but dont ask jake to be on your team after he's downed most of the grey goose bottle by himself (unless of course you want your team to lose.)

Aria= home of the cheapest quality darts in the world

My favorite thing about this picture, besides the fact that we are all in it, is that we are all in the picture twice thanks to the mirror on the wall.

Talon usually keeps his backhand ready, just in case any waitresses talk back.

I dont know if it was the next day or the day after that, but one day we wanted to go surfing so we went to Makapu'u (the only place that was forecasted with waves that day.) The dissapointed look on jake's face will let you know how good it was.

Unfortunetely the view was better than the wave conditions. There was some size, but the wind was having its way with it.

Me and Chris ended up surfing, but Jake stayed on the sand and counted crabs (the crabs in his private parts.)
After Makapu'u, we thought we might be able to check "China Wall's" before the sun went down and maybe find some waves there.... no luck with waves there.

at least all us guys got to enjoy a romantic sunset together.

Jakob was posing for the new calender i'm working on. The calender is gonna be for 2010, and its called "why turn the page to the next month, when you can stare at this picture all year around." It should sell out.

also, I found this jar. First thing that came to mind when I saw it was that song.. "One of these things is not like the other...!" .. i mean seriously you are gonna put 'Barbers' in the same catagory as 'pipeline' and 'sunset'?!!

Next day. We brought Jake up to our favorite park so we could play Ping Pong, and yes... play on the swings.

For a hot minute we thought the rain was going to "rain on our parade"

but it cleared up quickly, and the day was beautiful again. (Nice view from the park huh!?)

view of the aina haina side from the park

"Swingers" like to swing right?!

'The Snake' and 'The McDouche' on the see-saw.

3 totally cool dudes on the swings. (its harder than you think to even get this synchronized)

... so we all tried to get a picture of all of us jumping off the swings at once... you know, like 5th graders. If you notice in this picture, Chad is stuck to the swing!!

.. his pants got stuck on the chain. Thats why parents tell you not to do stupid stuff like this, someone almost got hurt! Luckily for me, it would of been Chad.

muthah truckin' PING PONG tiiiiiiime

..chad was impressed

back to the future in the "vomit making device"

.. so this was either later that night, or a different night. But it was time to hit the town again. This time we went to "Oceans" in resturaunt row.

it's been re-designed slightly since i've been there last.

.. why is my Vodka and red-bull glowing green?.. and why dont I remember anything from this night?... and why does my booty hurt?... and why do I have 'crabs' now??.... JAKOB!!!

I left 'Oceans' to take a quick trip into outer space... I was mainly doing some weather observation from space. .. be on the lookout for a hurricane over the Atlantic ocean.

I see Jakey (insert geico commercial song here... 'somebody's watching me..)

Oh yeah, I forgot this was the day that Micheal Jackson died. People were quick to have there souveneir shirts ready!

then they played Micheal Jackson songs half the time on the dance floor.

After Oceans, and before Jake could drive home, we killed time in Camerons living room watching "retarded policeman" on youtube. pretty funny videos, go ahead and youtube it.

also, Jake felt the need to properly nourish cameron's front yard. This is a real 'suprised' face for Jake. I dont think he expected me to be behind him watching this, but you know me... I like to watch.

o.k... so I remember this was Friday night now. We went to "stage" at the honolulu design center, then we went to "level 4" in waikiki.

this time, Talon and I came prepared with our M.J. shirts. Talon stayed home on thursday night, so he could make these shirts for us. What a thoughtful guy.

at "stage".. or as I like to call it, "not as classy as they think"

some live Body painting session. This girl probably thought I was creepy because of how close I had to get to take this picture with my fish eye lens.

I dont think Jacque was as impressed as the guys with the body painting.

so after 'Stage' we took a taxi over to "Level 4". Lucky for us Jake's sister, Ashley, was tending to the bar and she hooked us up with our drinks that night. Thanks Ashley!

everybody come on out!

.. and Me and Sam out together?!! Babysitter, yay!!

Cameron was riding his Virtual rollercoaster... (it's a new App. on the Iphone.)

M.J. has already been reincarnated.



So I realize after looking at this whole post... we look like alcoholics. I dont think so.. "I can quit when i want to!" .. "I dont have a drinking problem".. "im not hurting anyone!".. haha just kidding. Well it was a great week with Jakey, I wish it could of been longer. I wish we would of scored better surf, all though everything is fun as long as you're with your friends. till next time, tata.

Gotta make room for more.

byeee (retarded policeman)