Being a guest at a Wedding

Let me start off by saying I was NOT the wedding photographer at this wedding, I was a guest. =) This week, the guy who actually got me into wedding photography, Dave Miyamoto, got married. I've known Dave and his new wife, Michelle, for about 3 years now. I have been truly blessed to have been hooked up with Dave and his wedding photography business, it's really allowed me to do what I love to do (photography.) The wedding took place at the Bayer Estates by koko head. The Bayer Estates was actually voted "best place to be married.".. and I can see why. I've shot a few weddings at the estates, but this time it was completely amazing. Even though I wasnt the official photographer at the wedding, it was hard not to take a bunch of shots of the beautiful evening. Here are some pics from the wedding, most of them are simple shots just to show you how fun and rad it was. Im really glad I was there.

Dave and Michelle getting married in the front yard.

It was a great ceremony! You can just see how happy they were to 'get hitched' =)

The flowers/ tables/ decorations/ everything was simply amazing.

They did great providing a "just relax" atmosphere. I used this couch to enjoy some of my drinks.

Dave's brother, Mikey, is a surf cinematographer. He captured the whole wedding on this "RED" video camera. Its something like 32 megapixels, and i'm pretty sure its worth more than my car.

Most people have a guest book, or a picture frame or something for the guests to sign. Dave and Michelle layed out this custom surfboard and some paint pens and let people go crazy on it!

There was a superbowl of photographers in attendance.

There sweet dog, "Nacho", was hanging out in a good mood.

Everyone was provided with "Ring Pops". (Dave proposed to Michelle with a ring pop)

Dave's son, Ryan, has a Diana+ camera too! Its rare that I see someone else besides me with this thing around there neck.

The Wedding cake... S.S. Miyamoto, very Gilligan's Island themed, and very personal.

I know its wierd to blog, and just post pictures of food. But, the food was so good I have to let you know about it. For appetizers we had cream cheese & macademia nut filled Lychee and...

.... fried cream cheese in a delicous sauce and..

.. whatever this was?.. It was delicious, simply.

Yay! "Open Bar".. finally a wedding where I can drink all I want and not worry about blurry pictures.

"all your heart desires" sushi bar...

There were 3 serviced food stations, all with different foods. All you needed to eat that night were your hands, no silverware in sight... cool.

I jumped over-the-shoulder of there actual wedding photographer to pop off a few shots. This is the backyard of the Bayer Estates.

and this is what it looks like when the wedding photographer is taking a picture of us.

This place just kept getting more and more beautiful as the evening went on.


.and finally, of course there had to be a fire pit complete with all the ingredients needed to make some 'S'mores'. Yums

that was great.. thanks to the Miyamoto's for having me!