BBQ at Travis's

Wednesday night was chill. Instead of staying home and playing Tetris all day, Travis invited me and the Family up to his house in mililani mauka for a BBQ.
.. First step was to find Bella hanging out with her friends, then pack her in the car.
Next step, Steak and seasonin'
Travis owns a real house, so no need for a hibachi on the porch like the good old days at my old ghetto apartment. He's got a real BBQ'ing device!
Before the evening was complete, we jumped on his arcade machines (with endless credits.)
Here Bella gives Travis's daughter, Trinity, the "Why didnt you give me 'Seconds'?" look!
Ulu showing all of us the proper "Frogger" skills.
It was a fun time, thanks to Travis and his fam bam for having us over. Hurry up and get that backyard pool set up!