Kam Day / family beach day.

Thursday was Kamehameha day, which meant Bronson didnt have school (also Bella is completely finished with Kindergarten now.) The family wanted to go to a beach where everyone could enjoy themselves, I could enjoy the town swell, Sam and bella could swim in the shorebreak, and Bronson could try and learn how to surf. The only reasonable option seemed to be Barbers point. Sam took all these pictures, since I was out in the water surfing.

Boy, this place really gets crowded these days. Not like it used to be in the 90's.

The waves were o.k... well actually they werent good. I spent my whole session feeling like i was learning how to surf all over again.

Bronson found a great way to enjoy the day by practicing his "sand slide to flip" maneuvers

Bella showing her "land Ho!" expression... or maybe it was her "wow! dad surfs awesome" face.

I fear a broken arm will soon follow this type of stuff. Maybe im just getting old, but kids are pretty extreme these days right.?

Bronson taking a wave. I think he put his leash on his right foot, but then figured out he was "goofy foot" after he started catching waves. Thats awesome, because I can take him to all my favorite surf spots when he's ready.


..also, on a separate note from earlier this week, there was a Police helicopter flying above our house. Literally above our house! this thing kept circling over our apartment complex looking for someone. I still dont know what they were looking for, but luckily for me i didnt have my marijuana plants growing on the roof (just kidding, i dont do the grass)

"I see some donuts!! bring her down right here!!"