Ping Pong Party

Saturday I took Bella, Bronson, and Leiana to go meet up with Chris, Brent, and Oliver at the "super park" by Chris's house in Kahala. It's a super park because they have a ping pong table, a pool, and all the best playground equipment (spaceship included.)

The Playground

me and Izzy

the rocketship

I can sliiiiiiide!! (yeah, i wore my short OP chord shorts... cause i'm funny)

the kids loved the 'merry-go-round'... i personally hate this thing. I think adults get very nauseated on these things, me and chris proved that point.



They have two pools at this park, this one was the small one. It was perfect for the kiddies.

Unfortunately me and Sam somehow forgot to pack Bella's bathing suit. So I just told her to use "the Emperor's New Bathing Suit" (yeah, like that old story), her tan line kinda looks like a bikini top anyway.

I want this lifegaurd to give me "mouth to mouth" haha

A picture of Oli taken through the lens of Chris's new "Blackbird" film camera.

Finally, the Ping Pong tournament begins!!!

Cree going for a whirl on the 'vomit device'

"warp speed"... uhg, i get a little woozey just looking at this photo

not feeling good

sentripical force P.O.V.

Our last photo of the day with Me, Chris, and Brent. Too bad all three of us werent in a band, this would be a badass band photo!