Gibbler was here

Shane is finally done with the Big Island. He stopped by my house for a short 2 days on his way to New York... then on his way to Europe... then on his way back to my house.. then onto his final destination, JAPAN (use street fighter II voice). Anyway, it was a good visit, except for the fact that he left 2 suitcases in Bella's room for us to hold on to. I had an all day wedding on one of the days he was here, so we tried to fit all our outgoings into one day. Miss ya shane.

The "Duck" and the "McDouche"

I get another opportunity to wear my flojos outside

first stop, Genki Sushi

i have rice in my teeth i think

$40 + dollars later, i think were done (and only slightly full)

next stop, Savers


$1.99 Matsumoto's hat!

We ended the day with house fun... including, Pogs, guitar, and board games.

P.assion O.range G.uava

Bronson learning a few things from the "McDouche"

"Cranium WOW" is the best game played on my living room floor, seriously cant get enough

another Badass game that goes on is "Blokus".. its like a 4 person 3-d tetris type game. I definetely recommend this game to everyone!! Only thing is, it gets very competitive (because its a strategy game).. anyway if you are winning all the games, and then you take a bathroom break... expect to come back from the bathroom with your game pieces arranged like this. =)

all for now, Shane i hope youre having fun in New York with Gracie, and just tell all those billionaire's that you are special too (because you were on the cover of "the gay guide to hawaii" booklet)