GeneratioNXT Blaisdell Exhibit Hall

This past weekend, the good old folks at 'Ground Up' let me put up some of my art work at the Blaisdell. It was a two day event called GeneratioNXT at the blaisdell exhibit hall, it was Hip hop themed event with underground art/ graffiti and breakdancing type stuff. On Friday night, the breakdancing crew "SUPERCR3W" performed. SUPERCR3W were the winners of the TV show 'America's best dance crew' 2 seasons ago. Kai Media asked me to go backstage with them to document SuperCrews performance for their sponsor RED Bull.


setting up the stage for breakdancing
this is the entrance where all the art work would be put up
the vendor tents
my crap needing to be put up. (BTW, it was a real hassle to put artwork up on there walls)
finally i got my stuff up ...Thanks so much! to shaun, Rzone, and Mary for helping me put them up =)

I put my 'polaroid project' up again
Friday night turn out of people, wasnt bad.
My Kai Media affiliates
Red Bull hooked me up with the Vendor pass so I could get around and shoot the event for them.

Backstage with "SUPERCR3W"

... speaking of Red Bull, i love that stuff!

They hit the stage with great presence. The routines were great, who thought synchronized dancing could be so badass.. ( i feel i should give synchronized swimming another chance)
bodies in motion

My Homies!!! Lofa and Angry Woebots
Here's the aerosol piece that 'Woebots' and 'Scribe' collabed on... insane!

They finished of the entire event with some B-boy battles... very awesome. and it looks like im not the only one taking pictures from this vantage point.
adios amigos