B.B.Q. at Oliver's

Sunday night me and Bella headed over to Oliver's house in Pearl city for a bar-b-que. Speaking of oli's house, sometimes I forget I used to live there. It was the first place I lived when I first moved out of my mom's house (18 years old, you're out!) It was awesome, a lot of good memories at that house. Anyway, sunday night Chad, Cree, Mal, and Talon joined us at the house.

another out of focus picture.. chad knew he was being photographed, i think

Yum yums steak, mushrooms & bacon, chicken wings

some bacon wrapped mushrooms being grilled up..

Bella on Charley's swing

Chris and Mal brought over a stuffed Pinata. Then oliver killed it with a mango hooker.

Oli's girls' "going for broke" to free the candy.

after the kids couldnt crack it, Chris practiced his Karate kicks on it

then chad ripped open the last unicorn in existence.

candy!! (good candy too, like gummi bears and reeses cups)