Bella goes to classmates B-day Partay

This past weekend Bella was invited to her classmate, Madison's, 6th birthday party. I hung around to keep the kids company and enjoy some BBQ and chips. I took a few pictures, but didnt want to take too many (it feels awkward to take pictures of other peoples kids for no reason). I wish I had more pictures of me with my first friends, i hope Bella appreciates all her photos 15 years from now. =)

I dont know how it happened, but somehow all the kids joined in to help blow out the 6 candles (especially the big kid)

I think Bella misses her birthday party

the 'Slip-N-Slide' was set up and was being used to its full extent for maximum enjoyment.

the girlies getting together to share in the activity of "hurry up and play with your new presents already!"

Isabella and the Birthday Girl


After the birthday party, we were pleased to find all of Bella's cousins playing at the little park in front of our house... so we kicked it.


..and on a very off subject matter, this room used to be ours... now its storage for other peoples stuff. Im a good friend to have. (I can barely fit in there to take this photo)

adios amigos