Wedding: Todd + Kim

Last week I finally did some more work. Luckily for me, with this couple Todd and Kim, it wasnt really "work." They tied the knot at the Ihilani resort on the west side of Oahu, still one of my favorite places to shoot a wedding. They were a young couple who kept smiling the whole day. I had a great time with them on their beautiful day.


there's a small story behind this wacky picture below... All of Todd's groomsmen brought "Props" to the wedding. Each of the items he is holding/wearing are symbols of how the groom has been tied to his best friends. It was real cool to see something unique like this. (his friends brought a Bandana, baseball bat and mitt, water gun, pop-pops, hawaiian Ipu, and a baseball jersey.

Its also an occasional sight to see the groom cry, but at this moment he teared up. He said it was because one of the few things he imagined in his head to make his wedding perfect, was to see his bride walk down the aisle with a violin player in the background. This was perfect for him.

Todd and Kim are big sports' nuts as you can tell by there wedding cake.

nice slice



and I think we found a young girl who is already fantasizing about her "dream wedding."

bye now.